Our Services

content pics1_0000_iStock_000027611905SmallHumphrey Financial LLC offers retirement education workshops, followed by more in depth one-on-one discussions for sound retirement planning advice, focusing heavily on transitioning from active employment to retirement.

We provide a broad spectrum of financial planning services, including both investment management and retirement planning. While these terms are often viewed as interchangeable, they differ in nature.

Investment Management:  Investment management is managing the assets a client has accumulated. We make recommendations based on your goals, risk tolerance, and timelines for the funds. Based on your responses, we can provide solutions for investing your assets specific to your needs. We then implement the plan and monitor progress, with a goal of working to balance risk versus performance specific to your preferences.

Retirement Planning: Retirement planning requires a holistic view of a client’s financial life. In helping clients plan for their retirement, we look at the broad picture and different streams of savings and projected income, including Social Security; retirement accounts including 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth IRAs,  and pensions; and long-term savings. We work to protect your assets through insurance and taxation strategies.

We start by asking questions to learn about you and your goals. When do you plan to retire? What will your lifestyle look like in retirement? What are your expected expenses? Our role doesn’t stop there, when you transition into retirement, we can strategize how best to draw income from your retirement accounts, and in what priority.

We follow a five step process to help us uphold our commitment to deliver the highest level of service based on integrity and personal advice for each individual’s goals and aspirations. If this process works well for you, please contact us  today to learn more about how we can help you.

We follow a five step process through which we educate and help our clients plan for the future:
• Retirement Planning Workshops

Our workshops provide insight on existing benefits to help plan participants understand their current situation. This includes all aspects of benefits, such as: pensions, 401(k) plans, health insurance, outside retirement accounts, and spousal benefits.

• Financial Planning

We take time to understand clients’ goals, dreams, and retirement expectations. In addition, we discuss additional financial planning needs such as home buying, college funding, or planning for dependents.

• Identify the Gap

We identify where our clients are, determine where they want to be, and identify the gap between the two. To narrow the gap, we offer steps needed to accomplish their financial goals.

• Review and Revise

Actionable items are reviewed periodically; actions not met are discussed thoroughly and revised accordingly with distinct steps to move forward.

• Transition Assistance

We assist with determining an appropriate retirement date along with facilitating retirement paperwork, creating new accounts, and becoming directly involved with transfers and discussions with 401(k) plans, pensions, health insurance, and any other client specific company benefits.